Day 68 Hawaii Waikiki

It was difficult to get the kids out of bed this morning, they were still asleep at 8am, but their surf lesson was at 9am,and we had to walk there. We pulled them out of bed, they scoffed breakfast down and we motored down to the main beach of Waikiki on foot. Into Moku Surf Shop we went, just on time. Today there was quite a swell and some high surf waves the kids had two instructors, Derek and Alice. Down to the beach the boys went with the boards under Steve and Stacey’s arms. The surf competition was over, but there were still a heap of surfers out there and lots of people sunbathing on shore.

Into the surf Shannon headed, paddling his little heart out, followed closely behind by Stacey, then the instructors. Today getting out to the waves to begin surfing wasn’t as easy as the other two days, the waves were crashing on the beach, so with every wave there was the potential to fall off the board. The kids did well, keeping their boards heading into the waves.

Once out there, surfing was on! Shannon had amazing rides on the waves, but struggled to come over the top as he is quite light. Stacey was up first go and zooming. On his second wave he rode it for probably fifty metres. The kids were back and forth continually on the waves. One wave in a little way then paddle back and then wait for the next set of waves to come. Shannon told us later, that Alice had told him about the etiquette out in the surf. First you let the older surfers go on the first wave of a set, as these are the guys who have the most experience and then the newbies go. The kids rode in on the waves way further today. Shannon even got one for about fifty metres. The waves were awesome and gave the kids a real workout! Both of them were fairly knackered when they came in. Back to the shop to drop off the boards, collect the memory card from the GoPro and get changed.










We said our farewells and then Steve took the boys while I went in search of Ross Dress for Less. It was a few blocks away up a side street. This shop is a consignment store. It has top line goods, at cut price. The first floor was woman’s wear, including clothing, shoes and bags. It was literally just rows and rows of clothes all in sized lots. If you had lots of time you may find a bargain that you may like. Nothing really took my fancy, but I got a large hand bag which has an IPad section for travelling home tomorrow. As we will need all the room we can get. The second floor, was men’s and children’s wear, including shoes and also some home wares.

After my purchase it was back to the hotel, the boys told me they had just got there too. Steve and I had lunch and then we began to pack our bags. It’s hard to believe that 10 weeks has gone already! Once we had packed two bags, we hit the surf.

Just in front of our Hotel, the beach has a sea wall on one side and a jetty on the other, there is normally one or two boats anchored up here. Today the catamaran is here, but soon leaves not long after we go in the water. There is a bit of a currant today and some big waves, but they aren’t crashing on us. We are still able to use the Lilo and inflatable ring and the water is still warm like bath water. It’s hard to finally pull ourselves out and hour and a half later. We decide to head to the Tapa Pool, before making our way to our hotel room.
We get changed and hang our gear out hoping it will dry fast.


Then off to Hard Rock Cafe for our last dinner in Hawaii. Yummy steak, marlin, pulled pork and bbq chicken greet us on our plates. We had delicious berrylious drinks, made from strawberries and orange juice and then the kids followed their main with a chocolate mousse.

Once I had finished I rushed back to the hotel, leaving Steve with the boys, hoping I would catch the sunset and start packing the third and fourth bags before they got back. We caught the fireworks from our deck, it was still spectacular! We finally finished packing bags around 9pm and attempted to go to sleep.







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