Day 67 Hawaii

We awoke, had breakfast in our room and decided that we wouldn’t attempt to get on the catamaran, as there was a little bit of a swell running today, but instead hire a car and drive up to the North Shore to visit the bay where we heard that there are turtles in close to shore.

Packing bags full of towels, snorkels, masks and togs we were all set for our adventure. We went next door to a car rental place, and hired a Jeep with four doors. Off we went up the H1 and onto the H2, before driving through the centre of the island to Lanikea. We managed to find a park and crossed the road to the beautiful turquoise waters. There were people standing around the water. One green sea turtle was sitting in the water on the very edge of the rocks. Sometimes it would even sit on the rock. He was feeding and every so often would float in the water then place himself back on the rocks. We then climbed over a couple of larger rocks that weren’t in the water, but lead out into deep water. There in one of the pools was a large green sea turtle. This one was a bit more laid back and just sat there in the water.







We decided it was time to hop in the water, so we went to get our gear out of the jeep. We found a place to put our bags on the sand between two lots of volcanic rock and headed for the water. Once again it was like the bath water, lovely and warm, but there was a little bit of a swell and a little bit of currant. There were lots of little fish here, white, black, blue and pink. There were some white fish with false eyes on their body. We also checked out the turtles, but the water wasn’t quite so clear around them. After spending an hour or so in the water we decide it was time for lunch. We got out, got changed and headed for Turtle Bay Resort.

Turtle Bay Resort is run by Hilton and looks amazing, it is situated right on the edge of two bays, they even have a snorkelling area. Plus it has a golf course! We checked out the restaurants, but there weren’t many open and what was, was quite expensive. So back in the jeep we went to Sunset Bay, stopping at Ted’s Bakery. We ordered some BBQ chicken burgers. This place is well known for their beautiful pies. Shannon tried one before his lunch, he wasn’t so sure about the coconut filling on top of chocolate. It was a Chocolate Haupai Pie. The burgers were really tasty. After these Stacey and I had a slice of cake. Stacey had Pineapple Upside Cake and I had a Chantilly Cake. They were both delicious! Once our tummies were full we headed on the road again, stopping at Waimea Valley. Although we didn’t take the shuttle up to the falls, there were pretty plants around the information centre and a little stream running, along with lots of hens and roosters running freely around.







We got back to Waikiki just after 4pm, having endured once again their traffic. Not sure why there is so much, it goes from nothing to traffic jam at the click of your fingers. Their on and off ramps are a little strange as you go off, but then you wind your way in a lane next to the freeway, before exiting a little way ahead. Bizarre! We took the car back, so we didn’t get stung with overnight parking and the kids have a surf lesson in the morning, so couldn’t use it anyway.

Back at our hotel, we decided to go for a swim in the sea. The sea was so warm and fairly calm with a small swell. We took the lilos and inflatable ring out to play on. We were in the water for an hour and a half. There were many others out in the sea too or siting on the golden sands lapping up the sun. A lovely day in paradise!

Just after 6pm we wandered down the road to the AlaMoana Shopping Centre. This is a huge open air mall. In some places four levels. We had dinner in the food court, before checking out lots of the shops. We stayed here until 9pm when it closed.

We then wandered back to the hotel, bed was calling. We past quite a few homeless people sleeping in the park and on the streets. Over here most of them have a shopping trolley or two and sometimes even a tarp. Earlier we had seen the police pick up an old guy who was begging for money in the middle of the street, they obviously aren’t allowed to beg here.


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