Day 66 Hawaii -Waikiki

Another early day, we scoffed breakfast down, before walking down the beach for the kids surf lessons with Derek from Moku Surf Shop at 8am. This morning wasn’t quite so hot as it has been, there definitely aren’t as many people around which is nice.

We collected the surf boards after they have a little bit of on land training and headed down the beach. Shannon was in the water first, followed by Stacey who had his GoPro attached to his board followed by Derek the instructor. Out to the first set of waves they paddled.




Shannon was up and on his way first time. Stacey took a couple of attempts before he was standing, but succeeded many times after that. The surf lesson seemed to go very fast and before we knew it, the hour was up. Shannon even managed to turn a little and was seen attempting to drink a cup of pretend tea on the board while standing. Back to the Surf Shop we trotted the boys helping Steve to carry their boards. We organised another lesson, while the boys got changed. Steve wandered back to the Hotel to watch the America cup, Louis Vuitton race on the IPad.










The kids and I on the other hand stopped off at the Bilabong shop to get some more GoPro accessories and a pair of togs for Shannon, before strolling back along the beach to the Hotel. We managed to just be in time to watch the last few minutes of the races. Well Done Team New Zealand!

We mucked around in the room, before heading to the pools for a swim. The water was cold today, not sure if it was the increased wind, or if they have changed the water! We even tried a couple of the pools, it didn’t make any difference.

Around two thirty Steve, trotted off the Ala Moana shopping centre to check out some golf shops, meanwhile Stacey, Shannon and I headed to the Apple Store, to book Shannon in for the lesson and then the kids had a little look around the shop. We also checked out a few of the shops around it.

The time came for the lesson, we parked ourselves at the workbench for the workshop. Today they were covering iMovie, iPhoto and GarageBand. Thankfully there were only the three of us today and we got to have a play with each of the programmes. The lesson lasted an hour and a half. I learnt heaps, Stacey said he learnt a bit, so it was worth doing!

Back to the hotel we ambled, Steve arrived only a few minutes before us. Our tummies starving, it was decided we should get some dinner. Off to Tony Romas again. Tonight Shannon and I had ribs, Stacey had Chicken Alfredo Pasta and Steve had MahiMahi. The mains come with bread and veggies, except for Stacey’s. Delicious. After dinner we walked down the road further hoping that we might have been able to book a Catamaran ride to snorkel with turtles. But it was all closed for the night. We chatted to a guy fishing, he was hoping for a trevally. You could see fish in the water, just little ones and some jumping further out in the sea. He told us that turtles come in to swim further up the beach.

By now we were all feeling a little weary,so made our way back to the hotel. sleep was calling.


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