Day 65 Hawaii – Waikiki

Up early, and today we made it out the door for 8am, Steve wanted to go snorkelling again, he has the bug! Just as well we all like doing it too!

We make it to Hanaumu Bay, and the car park is still pretty full, people must get here very early, it does open at 6am. Today we were hoping we may just see a turtle, and that hopefully the beach isn’t too full. Well the beach had plenty of room on it. We had to once again sit through and watch the eight minute video, as we didn’t put our names down, that we were coming back. Never mind, we recognised some of the fish we saw yesterday.

Down we trotted to the beach, rented some flippers and a snorkelling set for Steve, then hit the sea. Not quite as warm as yesterday, but still warm compared to the waters at home. Today we headed into a different area of the bay, thinking we would see different fish and sure enough we did! Lots of different varieties today, black, blue, yellow, white, they were all there, including a school of trevally chasing other fish. There were more rocks today and the water was quite shallow on top of them making it a little more difficult to swim over them. But in between the rocks were sandy areas, where you could stand up. There was quite a current running and the waves were a little stronger today. Shannon even managed to spot an octopus! There were also lots of Kina and the odd patch of small coral. The volume of fish truly made up for it! Stacey tried out his GoPro, and took a few photos and video under water. Steve and Shannon also had a turn and became movie makers too! We spent over an hour here, before heading back to Waikiki, via a petrol station and a supermarket to purchase some more water while we have a vehicle to lug it around.













We literally dropped our gear at the lobby and then Steve and Stacey raced the car back to the rental car place to drop it off. As we had filled the car right up with petrol, and it only had to be 3/4 full, we got a refund, so the car didn’t end up costing as much.

The afternoon we spent mucking around in our room and around the resort. We were all very tired after our snorkelling expedition and really hungry! I checked out a few of the shops and we also face timed a few people. It was great to catch up on the news from home! Steve had a couple of hours sleep and the kids lazed around.

Tonight dinner was at the Tropics Bar and Grill, here on the complex. They had live music once again and because we were early we got to see the fire lighter run around lighting all the flaming sticks placed around the resort. This is a nightly ritual.

After dinner we made our way back up to our Hotel room, the kids got changed into their togs and went back down to the Super Pool. Because there were no lifeguards on duty, they had fun with the Lilo and inflatable ring. From here they tried out the Tapa Pool. This pool was empty when we arrived, but this soon filled up while we were there. It’s amazing how many people swim at night!

After an hour or so splashing around, we called it a night and headed back to our hotel room, for some sleep!


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