Day 63 Hawaii Waikiki

Today we all woke around 7am, after a really good sleep. We slowly rose, had breakfast in our room and then walked down the beach to the centre of Waikiki, we found this way was heaps quicker as you don’t have to wait for a white hand at pedestrian crossings and the walk is actually shorter.

We made it to Shannon’s surf lesson with ten minutes to spare. He got into his rash top and covered himself in sunscreen. Then out the back he went for an on land lesson. He came out about ten minutes later with a huge long board, which had a GoPro camera attached to it. Then Steve and Shannon carried the the surf board down to the beach with the instructor.

At the beach over the last few days there has been a Surf Competition and today was no exception. Today they had disabled surfing, there were people there with only one leg and prosthetic leg, others that were physically disabled and others in wheel chairs. It was just amazing to see these people overcome their disabilities and compete out there in the surf.

Shannon headed into the surf paddling on the board out towards the surf, which was actually quite a way out. The instructor then followed him and took him out further. The first wave he stood up but not for long. Next one he was away. The lesson lasted an hour and during this time Shannon took many waves, surfed backwards and did lots of fun confidence building exercises including bombing off the board. He was absolutely buzzing! The best thing was we also had lots of video off the surfboard as the GoPro was attached and some photos from shore.









While Shannon was surfing I took Stacey to the Billabong shop, to check out some boardies. He tried on about six pairs and we ended up buying two pairs.

After the surf lesson we walked across the road to the Budget Rental Cars Office to see if we could hire a car for the afternoon. We ended up getting one for two days or 48 hours. Before we had left the hotel this morning we had set each device we have with a different destination. Our first stop was Best Buys, so Shannon could buy a GoPro. Then onto the airport to attempt to change our tickets to fly straight home. We didn’t succeed on this one, we have to ring reservations, so will attempt once again to do this later. From here we continued on our way to Pearl Harbour, we parked the car then walked over to the entrance, to be told all tickets had gone for today, (there is no enterance Fee) but the security guy suggested we go in and ask. Steve and Stacey stayed at the gate, as you aren’t allowed to take any bags into the area. We were told that there still may be a chance to go to the Arizona Memorial, but we had to queue up in a standby line and talk to the Park Ranger. So we put most of the bags in the car and the one with all the important stuff at the baggage hold area. (Cost $3) before going to line up.

Fortunately luck was on our side and we got to be part of the tour. First we sat in a theatre and they showed a movie about what had happened here. On December 7, 1941, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, which was where the USA, had anchored most of their battleships end to end, as they may have been needed in the Pacific during World War Two. Most of the ships in the harbour that day were sunk, capsized or damaged. There was huge loss of life, over 1900 men died that day in the harbor alone not to mention many more men, women and children who lost their lives on land. This battle signified entry of the Americans into the war.

From here we caught a boat out to the Memorial built over the USS Arizona, a flag flies on Arizona’s severed mainmast. Today you can still see reminants of this sunken ship, the easiest part to see is the gun turret, which now is a shrine. USS Arizona was bombed, she exploded and sank, killing 1,177 officers and crewmen. Unlike many of the other ships sunk or damaged that day, Arizona could not be fully salvaged, though the navy removed parts of the ship for reuse. It is now a memorial to remember those who died in the battle. At one end of it, is the shrine room that lists the names of all of those who died in it. This is a solemn place, it makes you think about war and loss!





After spending about quarter of an hour on the memorial we make our way back to land and wandered through some of the exhibits. But the heat of the day was now getting to us. It was up near the 90 degrees mark. So we made our way back to the car and continued on. At one point the car said it was 98 degrees farienheit outside. 36 degrees. Just a bit hot!

We continued onto the Waikeke Outlet Stores. We wandered around, picking up a few bargains, before making our way back to Waikiki. We managed to find a supermarket again to top up on water, bread etc before continuing on. We stopped at Tony Romas for dinner to have their yummy ribs again. But unfortunately we had to wait nearly an hour for a table. Dinner over, we made our way back to the hotel and organised parking which is $27 for the night. Before heading up to our room for sleep.


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