Day 62- Hawaii Waikiki

A slow lazy start this morning, breakfast in our room, before hitting the Main Street to walk down to the Apple Store. Stacey had found a workshop on Back to School using an IPad. So he managed to book it for both Shannon and himself, we then had a little bit of time to kill before it started.

We wandered back along the street to a surf shop, where we had found surf boards and surf gear yesterday. Shannon had decided he wanted to know the full price of buying a surf board, so collected all the prices on things he needs to get one up and running. Thankfully one came in just under his budget, but we aren’t too sure if this is what he needs. So will chat to the guy doing his surf lessons tomorrow!

Once we had done this we wandered in and out of some other shops while the time slowly ticked past. We sat on the surround of a garden and ate our lunch with many disapproving eyes glaring at us. Not sure why, there were no signs to say you couldn’t! They are very strict here about certain things. Such as walking across the street. You must use a crossing and you can only start crossing when the hand on the sign is white, if it changes to red and begins counting down you may not walk. $130 instant fine if seen by a Police Officer. We saw a person get one yesterday! Unfortunately you have to wait for ages to get some of the traffic signs to change.

After lunch we went back to the Apple Store and sat at the bench for the Workshop, there was only the three of us to start and then an obnoxious Ozzie joined in and then her friend. Steve also managed to sneak in as well. We learnt a few things, not sure if Stacey did, he got a bit peeved with the Ozzie lady as she basically took over, and was very rude.

After an hour and a half or so, with ICloud accounts opened for two of us, we walked back in the really hot sun to our hotel. Once there, togs were the order of the day. We then went down to the Super Pool, which is the large pool that we had stood around last night to watch the fireworks. We hopped in with our ring and lilo, but the lifeguard told us we weren’t allowed them. No floatation devices allowed unless strapped on you! So we put them aside and just floated around, but it got a bit boring, so we swapped pools. We went back to the Paradise Pool, where the slides are. It was fairly busy, but the kids had several goes on the slides and used their masks. The water was also a little warmer here! The decision was then made to go to the Lagoon Pool so we could use our Lilo and ring. Stacey went and brought another Lilo. We had an hour in here, enjoying the sun and water. The kids saw lots of fish which varied in size. It was lots of fun!



After our swims we washed off the salty water and the kids did a little bit of school work before heading out to dinner. Tonight we walked along the beach path to the main area. This seemed a little quicker and there were no roads to cross. We managed to find the Hard Rock Cafe straight away. We went to Hard Rock Cafe last time we were here, but it was in a different place. This Hard Rock is huge and has a large outdoor area, which is lovely at night when it is still hot! They have a massive display of guitars on the ceiling and there is a live band every night, in fact some nights they have two. Tonight Steve and I had steak, potato and broccoli , the kids each had a Hard Rock Cheese Burger. All very delicious! Once we had eaten all we could we wandered back to our hotel, all of us feeling a little tired from our adventures!




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