Day 61 Hawaii Waikiki

Aloha Hawaii

We awake absolutely starving our bodies are all out of sync, our body clocks think we are still in San Fran, which is three hours ahead. Upon opening the curtain, we know we are here in Waikiki, the view is breathtaking! We quickly have showers and get dressed and take off to find some breakfast. Today we try out Pronto Pickle – Food to go! They have oatmeal, breakfast buns and cereal. Plu tea and Quick. All very yummy, but as we eat, we decide we need to find a supermarket to get some breakfast and lunch supplies.

From breakfast we head straight off down town, also on our shopping list is a rash top for Stacey, as the sun is very intense here! We head on foot down the Main Street, past a park which is part of a Military Fort, it is now a recreation area. There is a beautiful big fig tree and lots of Hibiscus flowers growing. Lots of different colours. They are beautiful and remind me of Samoa.




We spot a surf shop and head in, both Stacey and Steve try on a rash tops and get one each. They are so cheap here. Shannon checks out the surf boards to discover that each part of it, like fins and strap you have to purchase separately and it was all quite expensive and then you have to add 4.75 % tax on top. At least the tax is better here than the mainland.

We continue wandering, checking out Oakley, and lots of surf shops and finally make it to Billabong, Shannon tries on and gets a rash top too. There is a big surf festival on at the moment, so we wander over to the beach to check it out. There are lots of surfers in the sea but not a lot of action! The sun is also very intense and its extremely hot. We head back onto the street, our mission now is to find a supermarket to get food. But we spot another Surf rental shop that wa a recommended by one of the guys at the Oakley Store. So we go in, to see if they have any secondhand boards, but nothing that looks ok, Steve inquires about lessons and then books one for Shannon.

The supermarket we were told about is not to far away, so go there. We get a trolley and start to fill it with food, but it seems really expensive, especially when we know they also have a Safeways not to far away, so we end up putting back all the food we had got and leave.. We got a taxi to the Safeways shop which is by a huge shopping centre. We manage to find most things here, and as they sell in bulk it is a lot cheaper here. We have a full trolley in no time. Along with the groceries we also purchase some masks and snorkels, these are $8.49 each. We pay for it all then catch a taxi home. Due to the traffic lights this takes ages and we spend about five dollars going 100 metres. A real rip off! Anyway we now have lunch and breakfast supplies plus snacks for a few days!

The pool is now calling us, it is over thirty degrees here now. We stop at the ABC store to buy an inflatable ring and Lilo. $3.49 each, blown up. These are fluro pink and green. We head into the Paradise Pools, but there are too many people in here to use them so just leave them with our gear. The kids try out their masks and have several goes on the slides. At 5pm, the slides are closed and the pools empty out a bit so we try out the Lilo and ring. These are great. The ring dunked me the first time, but have it sorted now! We spent a good couple of hours in the pool, it is beautiful.



After our swim we changed and headed straight out for dinner. Down the Main Street not to far was Tony Romas , the ad looked good on the TV and it didn’t disappoint. The food was beautiful and as it was Tuesday, Children’s meals were free! The kids and I had beautiful ribs, potato and broccoli, Steve had grilled salmon, potatoes and broccoli. All really yummy and fairly reasonable!

We then raced back to the Super Pool at the hotel to watch a dance and fireworks display! The fireworks was incredible, just amazing. If you are ever in Hawaii you can watch it down at the Hilton on a Friday night and at the moment on a Tuesday night at 7.45pm. It is worth having a look! Lots of people sit on the beach and watch the fireworks!







After the fireworks we headed to our room, we were all exhausted so had an early night!


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